David Bowie edition catalog sold in 9 figures


David Bowie’s estate has negotiated a huge nine-figure deal with Warner Chappell Music to sell the singer’s edition catalog.

Through Variety, the deal includes songs from Bowie’s 26 studio albums, posthumous releases, his two studio albums with Tin Machine and other standalone singles. Sources told the outlet that the deal is priced over $ 250 million.

In a statement on the deal, Warner Chappell Music Co-Chairman and CEO Guy Moot said in part, “All of us at Warner Chappell are extremely proud that the David Bowie Estate has chosen us to be the stewards of the estate. ‘one of the most revolutionary, influential and enduring catalogs in the history of music. These are not just amazing songs, but milestones that forever changed the course of modern music. “

The Bowie Catalog is one of many large catalogs to be acquired by Warner Chappell Music, whose catalog listing includes Quincy Jones, George Michael, Cardi B, Bruno Mars and more.

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