Chicago native Tatiana Hazel creates pop songs for tomorrow’s shows


Chicago native Tatiana Hazel has come a long way since she started uploading acoustic performances to YouTube as a preteen ten years ago. Last summer she released a new EP, And the world will turn (Creative Music Group / Tatiana Hazel), and although she did it in solitude, it is clearly meant to be played in front of arena-sized crowds. She is committed to The world will turn having postponed plans for a more ambitious feature film, and the work she has put into producing, singing and mastering this material demonstrates her advanced understanding of what can turn a three-minute pop song into a refined hit – and something more. Hazel makes brief forays into a battery of complex feelings, and her velvety voice and calm performances allow listeners to add their own emotions between notes. His brooding synths and painful vocals on “I Don’t Give a Fuck!” remember the mundane life of living during pandemic quarantines just enough to encourage you to redirect your own pent-up energy towards building a brighter future, as she ended her career directing this EP.

Hazel directed the music video, which premiered in July along with her EP. And the world will turn.

Tatiana Hazel, Fingers, PROM, Thu 9/30, 8:30 p.m., empty bottle, 1035 N. Western, $ 15, 21+

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