Celebrities should speak up for causes that make a difference


Actress Bhumika Chawla may have been absent from the movies for a while, but the actress has quietly done her part for those in need. She supports organizations and also works alone to help underprivileged children, the elderly, animals and victims of domestic violence, bullying and ragging.

“I feel very strong for all the things I do. It pains me to see children and teens being bullied or torn to pieces beyond a certain point. As human beings, we all need to imbue ourselves with the virtue of kindness, ”says the actress, who is popular for making films in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Some of his popular works include “Kushi”, “Okkadu”, “Tere Naam”, “Gandhi, my father”, “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”, “MCA”, “U-Turn” and many more.

Chawla agrees that every time a celebrity supports a cause, they get a lot more attention. “This is the reason why I think famous personalities should speak up for certain topics and causes that can make a difference, bring about positive change. Supporting a cause, even if it can be done in the public eye or as you wish, not only gives personal satisfaction but also helps to understand the meaning of one’s life. Being able to make a small difference in this huge world is a big thing, ”she adds.

During the pandemic, especially in the midst of the situation last year, everyone went through a rough patch. In such situations, Chawla tries to help a lot of people and doesn’t really like to talk about the social causes she is involved in.

“If my experience and contribution can help, inspire someone, that would be great. Financially, I put money into my makeup and hairstyling teams, helpers, assistant directors and others, who didn’t have a job at the time. My father organized food parcels with the Gurdwara to provide at least one meal a day for as many people as possible. I also tried to be helpful by listening to those who were going through difficult times emotionally and mentally. I think when we win we always have to share some of it. Also, giving time is something that people have to practice, ”she concludes.

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