Bollywood popular song man’s thumkaas wins internet


Dance is a way to express ourselves when words fail. We all want the world to understand how happy we are to have a new love, how excited we are about weddings, or how lucky we feel to have someone by our side. We really want words to speak and describe how deep and powerful our feelings are, but those words never seem to get to us properly. Maybe dancing is the way we can show everyone who we really are. Our dancing face tells the world how wonderful and unique we are. Dancing is the way we choose to remember. And as a result, we see dance videos on the Internet every day.

Some viral videos make us laugh, while others make us crack. Now a video of a man dancing to “Dekh ke meri bhari jawaani” is going viral on Instagram. In the video, a man in an orange shirt can be seen dancing with all his heart. The man seems to be very happy and excited about the marriage. He can be seen doing carefree thumkaas with crazy facial expressions. He was then joined by another person.

The people around him are also happy to see him dance. After watching the video, you will probably think to yourself, “Dancing brings joy and happiness to our lives.

The video was shared by memes.bks on Instagram. Instagram user Atilesh Thakur commented: “You will have to dance like this @shit_thakur @sahilverma__ @hamelgoyal.” While another user Swati Sultania said: “@piyush_sultania @ sultaniaharsh1298 bhaiyon is learning some moves from him for the upcoming wedding.”

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