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Music Declares Emergency, a group dedicated to guiding the music industry’s response to the global climate crisis, has released a sustainability guide for music businesses, artists and fans just in time for Earth Day, Friday 22 april. Additionally, the organization announced the launch of an American chapter.

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Launched in the UK in 2019, Music Declares Emergency has since opened chapters in France, Germany, Switzerland, Chile and Canada. The group is described in a press release as “a collective of music industry professionals, artists and organizations working together with local climate partners to guide the music industry to make progress. substantial steps towards mitigating the human contribution to greenhouse gas emissions”. Its rallying cry is the motto “No music on a dead planet”.

The new guide, which has been dubbed a “climate pack” for the music industry, was written by experts from companies and organizations including Sony Music Publishing, Julie’s bike and ecolibrium, which helps the live events industry reduce its impact on the environment. The guide contains tips applicable to artists, record labels, managers, venues, merchandising operations and more. You can Download them here.

To date, Music Declares Emergency claims to have collected more than 6,000 signatures from across the music industry in support of a statement calling for an immediate government response to the climate crisis, including stars like Billie Eilish, Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Major Lazer, The Pretenders, The 1975, and Tegan and Sara. Among other initiatives, he has also partnered with Beggars Group and Ninja Tune to announce and promote their transitions to net zero within specific timelines and helped organize the Climate Music Blowout conference in London last October.

“If you ever want to get involved in climate action, now is the time,” said the co-founder of Music Declares Emergency. Fay Milton, who is also a member of the band Savages, in a statement. “In a few years, it will be too late. Environmental “tipping points” are very close to the horizon, i.e. when the ice melts and no longer reflects the sun’s heat and the land suddenly begins to warm faster, or the permafrost thaws and releases loads of methane into the atmosphere.

“Once we reach those points, there’s no turning back,” continued Milton. “That’s why kids are chaining themselves to buildings and sitting on the road in front of cars, desperate to get people’s attention. It’s really hard to think about all this and it’s really heartbreaking, but while there is still time, i will not stop doing my best to push for the change we need.

Those interested in signing the Music Declares Emergency statement, making a donation, and learning more about the organization can visit or contact MDE at [email protected]


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