Beyoncé was called a ‘hypocrite’ for 1 popular music video


Beyoncé Knowles is not only one of the best-selling musical superstars of her generation, but also one of the most admired. She started her career at a very young age, turning to her parents for support and mentorship. Then, in her late teens, she dominated the business as a member of Destiny’s Child. Eventually, Knowles launched a hugely successful solo career, releasing hit song after hit song.

Although Knowles has received much critical acclaim over the years, she has also received negative reviews. In 2014, after the release of her song and music video “Pretty Hurts”, some critics had a lot to say about the song’s message and lyrics.

Beyoncé released her song “Pretty Hurts” in 2014

Beyonce attends the Costume Institute Gala ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

By the time Knowles was working on her fifth studio album in 2013, she was already a huge star in the music business. Fans eagerly awaited the results of his artistry. The resulting self-titled album did not disappoint. Her third single, “Pretty Hurts”, hit radio in early 2014, which had an immediate impact. The song, written by Sia, Knowles and Ammo, was originally written by Sia for Katy Perry, according to ABC News. Eventually, the melody caught on, with Rihanna and Knowles clamoring to record it.

Knowles won the bidding war. And “Pretty Hurts” quickly became associated with the singer’s penchant for empowerment anthems. The song contains messages about society’s high beauty standards and references eating disorders as well as the importance of self-love and body acceptance. The music video for the song also featured sharp comments about beauty standards, with scenes of Knowles competing in a beauty pageant.

Some Critics Slam Beyoncé For Her ‘Hypocrisy’ With ‘Pretty Hurts’ Music Video

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Knowles has been working hard to further the conversation around the song “Pretty Hurts,” inviting fans to share photos of what “pretty” means to them by tagging photos on social media. But not everyone agreed with Knowles’ message — or more specifically, his delivery. In a review of the album in Paste Magazine, a reviewer slammed the tune. They wrote that the song “opens the album with didactic rhetoric without the grace of subtlety, with its repeated conclusion that ‘the soul needs surgery,’ hardly a poetic accolade listeners deserve. “

The critic went on to call the artist’s message hypocritical. They wrote, “This opening, and other moments where she preaches a similar message, can be seen as hypocritical, especially considering her recent tour, which sees herself struggling to maintain momentum through stoppages. repeated in action, ostensibly to change costumes and freshen up makeup and hairstyle.

Beyoncé continues to release powerful songs like “Break My Soul”

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Although some critics weren’t convinced by Knowles’ delivery of the song “Pretty Hurts”, many fans loved its impassioned lyrics. And in the years since, the singer has released several other powerful ballads with strong messages of social justice. Her single, “Break My Soul”, was released in June 2022. The song includes lyrics such as “I just quit my job/I’m gonna find a new drive/Damn they work me so hard/Working new/Then turned off after five o’clock/And they’re working my nerves/That’s why I can’t sleep at night.

The energetic track has fans up in arms and ready to make a difference in their own lives. Certainly, if there’s one thing Knowles excels at, it’s connecting with his fans through the power of music.

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