BeerBoard’s 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Report Shows Green Wave of On-Site Draft Volume


Technology and automated intelligence leader releases annual report highlighting epic return of beloved Irish holiday

BeerBoard's 2022 St. Patrick's Day Report Shows Green Wave of On-Site Draft VolumeSyracuse, NY ( BeerBoardthe leader in technology and automated intelligence for the on-premises hospitality industry, has just released its St. Patrick’s Day Report 2022and one thing is very clear… the most shamrock day of the year is back!

After a hiatus in 2020 and a watered down 2021, St. Patrick’s Day took the country by storm as Irish folk songs and green wardrobes flooded bars, breweries and block parties from coast to coast. the other. On-site draft volume nationwide was up more than 118% from 2021 and even saw a 9% increase from 2019 – the last time the holidays were fully celebrated.

After a slight but shocking decline in 2021, the Stouts have made a triumphant comeback. As a rule, dark beer arrives around 11and on the list of the best styles in the BeerBoard Year in beer. However, on his special day, the Stouts climbed to sixth place and saw their volume increase nationally by 137%. Guinness, the most widely served stout, rose to the eighth most popular brand of the day.

As for other styles, Light Lagers and Lagers saw a nice uptick on St. Patrick’s Day. Light Lagers jumped 116% and Lagers 74% from 2021. After experiencing a slight decline last year, IPAs rebounded and rose 169%. For St. Patrick’s Day 2022, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and Coors Light were named the top three nationally streamed brands, respectively.

Two US cities known for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – New York and Chicago – saw major increases. As both cities imposed heavy restrictions over the past two years, revelers welcomed the iconic holiday. In New York, volume is up 507% from 2021. In Chicago, where the city is going so far as to dye the Chicago River green for the day, the Windy City has seen an even bigger increase than the Big Apple. as draft volume increased by 628% compared to 2021.

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