Attack on Titan Voice Actor Reacts to Final Season Episode 25 (84)


With episode 84, the The attack of the Titans the anime adaptation is slowly coming to an end, with the series’ Japanese voice actors reacting on Twitter, including Eren’s VA Yuki Kaji.

Most seiyuu (Japanese voice actors) pursued this career because they were anime otaku in the first place and were inspired by veteran seiyuu. This is the case of Yuki Kaji, the voice of Eren Yeager, who is one of the most popular seiyuu in Japan. He is also very active on Twitter, so it goes without saying that he also regularly shares his thoughts and comments on the anime.

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Attack on Titan: Eren’s VA reacts to episode 84

Yuki Kaji shared her thoughts on Episode 84, commenting on the survivors of the main cast so far, all put together, discussing Eren’s rumble and shut down. He notably shared his appreciation of Jean, explaining why he is one of his favorite characters, and particularly liked the return to the line of Marco before his tragic death.

Yuki Kaji: “Feelings are always a complicated thing to explain. I’ve always loved how Jean feels so human, being so honest with her feelings. I am eternally grateful for what Marco has done too”.

Learn more about Yuki Kaji and his social media presence

Besides voicing Eren and discussing anime, Yuki Kaji also streams games on YouTube. In recent months, he has notably gone through a series of dating simulators Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4, where he voices the game’s cover guy. In fact, he also tries to play his own character, which makes the streams particularly enjoyable. If you speak Japanese, you do. You can check out the latest Tokimemo x Yuki Kaji stream below. And if you want a more mainstream experience, you can check it out diffusion Resident Evil Village in place, with Takuma Terashima (Apollo in Aquarius).

How did you like Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan Episode 84, and what are your favorite Yuki Kaji roles besides Eren? Tell me in the comments below!


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