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One theory suggests that Disney’s The Little Mermaid wasn’t a love at first sight; instead, could Ariel have been a mermaid?

Disney is known for its love at first sight stories, but one theory suggests something more sinister in The little Mermaid: that Ariel is a mermaid. These creatures from Greek mythology draw sailors to death through their songs. It is said that no one can resist the call of the sirens, and sailors crash their ships in the rocky islands inhabited by the sirens. While the original mermaids are sometimes described as a group of bird-like women, over time the myth has evolved into mermaids, which is the most well-known variation. This isn’t the only connection to mythology in this movie either, as others have pointed out that Ariel and Hercules are likely cousins.

The little Mermaid is an iconic Disney film based on the 1837 Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. His soundtrack and illustrations are very popular with fans. The plot is simple: A mermaid princess named Ariel (voiced by Jodie Benson) falls in love with Prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) as he navigates through his kingdom. She saves him from drowning by singing when he wakes up and he falls in love with her. Ariel sells her voice to a witch named Ursula for a pair of legs. Although this plan initially backfired, in the end, she and Eric live happily ever after. The Disney film changes the original fairy tale in which the mermaid dies. However, this mermaid theory brings back some of that obscurity.

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According to one theory (via Reddit), that of the little mermaid the plot proves that Ariel is a mermaid. Perhaps the film’s most iconic scene is perched on a rock, singing to Eric, like a mermaid. It is after this scene that Eric becomes obsessed with finding Ariel. He may have heard her siren song and now feels compelled to go see her. After selling his voice, Eric refuses to believe that Ariel is the same woman who saved him. He considers his song to be his defining trait. When Ursula later reappears in the film using Ariel’s voice, Eric appears to be under the spell, marrying her almost instantly. This not only suggests that the voice is what enchants Eric, but that Ursula is aware of Ariel’s power.

This theory is so acceptable that even Supernatural has a mermaid named after Disney’s Ariel. Ariel is one of the Seven Sisters, all of whom are beloved singers in their kingdom. It is said that his voice is the most beautiful of all and, therefore, perhaps the most powerful. The number of sisters and the emphasis on music fit well into mermaid mythology. There seems to be real hatred towards humans in the movie. King Tritan often gets angry with Ariel for interacting with the human world, calling him a “barbarian.” Even as Ariel explores a sunken ship, she remarks, “Isn’t that fantastic?” Suggesting that she might like the site of human tragedy. She raids the site for artifacts, which may in fact be trophies of her victims.

The Disney Renaissance changed princesses for the worse, making young girls like Ariel obsessed with finding a husband. Her desire to be with him means that she is ready to sell her voice, but she seems helpless and a little lost. His instincts of seduction no longer work. A mermaid’s greatest asset is her song, and Ariel has been robbed of her power. At the start of the film, Eric’s ship plunges into a thunderstorm while Ariel talks to his friends. This is a rookie mistake for a sailor, which means his voice is so powerful that even hearing it from a distance enchanted Eric enough to sink his ship.

While Disney has a reputation for being family friendly, its source material often isn’t. The company tries to keep its image so clean that official Disney princesses have no magic whatsoever. that of Hans Christian Anderson The little Mermaid was about unrequited love and ended with the tragic death of the protagonist. It’s entirely possible that Disney decided to introduce some obscurity into this movie. Maybe this movie isn’t about two people from different worlds falling in love, but rather about a killer falling in love with his victim.

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