Album review: Iron Maiden – Senjutsu


Album review: Iron Maiden - Senjutsu

Record brings a mind-boggling noise

For decades, bands have touched the lives of millions of people, and for one band, their musical style has rocked the world of the people. English heavy metal band Iron Maiden are known for creating righteous songs that have found ways to unite people around the world. Formed in 1975, Iron Maiden’s discography grew to 41 albums, including 17 studio albums, 13 live albums, four EPs and seven compilations. Earlier this month, the band released their long-awaited album Senjutsu, and each track is filled with wild, erratic metal music.

“Stratego” is ignited by the wild guitar playing of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. From the start, heart-shaking riffs welcome listeners into a world where punchy guitar playing reigns over the atmosphere. Murray, Smith and Gers are gifted guitarists who know how to create riffs that contribute to lingering madness. “Stratego” has notes that can get fans playing guitar like crazy.

The unmissable “Lost in a Lost World” has lyrics capable of touching the soul of those who listen to it. The words “We don’t know exactly what we have until we’ve lost it / Until that moment comes / and know it’s gone” give insight into how some people don’t. not realize how important life is until they start losing things that matter to them. In some ways, it feels like the lyrics indicate how people are lost in their world where they focus on themselves rather than the people around them. “Lost in a Lost World” is a well written song with a lot of meaning behind the lyrics.

Electrically surging “Days of Future Past” is a bittersweet tune from the bass guitar played by Steve Harris. While listening, Harris’ bass guitar can be felt to shake from the background with great authority, and the vibrations of the riffs will shake the hearts of those who listen. Plus, it’s nice to hear how well Harris’ skills blend in with the rest of the group, as each vibrant note completes the theme. Harris is a talented guitarist who knows how to shake people’s minds on “Days of Future Past”.

The emotional “Darkest Hour” has an incredible vocal performance by Bruce Dickinson. Throughout the history of Iron Maiden, Dickinson is known to have a strong and authoritative voice. In this track, his voice proves that he can still scream the lyrics perfectly. Plus, the way Dickinson sings brings a heavy dose of powerful emotions. “Darkest Hour” is a killer with the passionate voice of Dickinson in this composition.

“The Parchment” is a beautifully harmonic song that has dynamic drum play by Nicko McBrain. What’s nice is the solidity of the drum beats because the whole band plays to a simple musical structure that has incredible instrumentation and vocals. Overall, the drumming keeps things together with the way McBrain creates thunderous drum beats that carry the tune with conflicting sounds. McBrian knows how to shake souls with his drumbeat on “The Parchment”.

Iron Maiden is a band that keeps rolling, and Senjutsu shows how the band can still make metal fans dream.


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