A unique candlelit concert in the middle of the desert located in the exclusive location of the Hegra archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site


HEGRA, Saudi Arabia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – A new magical experience has just been illuminated in the middle of the desert. People could experience a unique emotion by attending the Candlelight concert, a atmospheric musical performance taking place at the archaeological site of Hegra (AlUla, Saudi Arabia), the Unesco World Heritage famous for having over 100 monumental tombs carved into rock formations.

The archaeological site, just 22 minutes from the town of AlUla, has never been used for concerts of such an intimate character.

The first concert that took place on 24e December 2021 and the next one which will take place on the 31st December 2021 are produced by Balitch Wonder Studio, the group of live shows, leader in the creation and production of ceremonies, large-scale events and shows, brand and territorial experiences across the world.

The public has an emotional experience listening to the evocative repertoire performed live by the Stefan Lombard ensemble (piano, violin, cello and oud). The famous South African musical director has created a suite (a collection of short musical pieces) by classic compositions at contemporary, Arabic film soundtracks and a revised version of pop music.

More than 500 high-tech candles are the magical setting for these musical performances: sculpted by hand, they allow spectacular graphic patterns that emotionally enhance the privileged moments by blending harmoniously with the shapes of the archaeological site, creating a landmark which merges the suggestions from the past and the contemporary dynamic.

The events exploit the latest technology like candles with their various control possibilities, can glow all night long, comfortably shape the environment and achieve four times the brightness of a traditional candle without burning or melting: the unique color combination allows the same heat like a real flame candle. Plus, its innovative algorithm can flash a full set of candles differently, just like real candles would.

These two special events are exclusive occasions within the framework of the suggestive season of moments AlUla, specially designed for “Winter At Tantora”. The whole season is filled with high-end cultural, musical, wellness and artistic events, as well as starred concerts, adventure activities and immersive heritage experiences. BWS-KSA, the Saudi Arabia-based branch of the Balich Wonder Studio group, has been appointed by the Royal Commission for AlUla to produce multiple activities throughout the season which runs at the end of March.

The region and town of AlJadidah has become an exclusive gathering place, divided into different poles where different cultures from all over the world, traveling performing artists and the best of circus arts will mingle in the spirit of nomadic culture and of tradition. Saudi hospitality with the aim of attracting the widest audience and being inclusive.


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