A Timeless Phenomenon Created By A Legendary Hip-Hop Genius: JT Money Delivers New Single Under Band Undeniable


Led by masterful brilliance and unparalleled humility, rap icon JT Money promises the best of the genre with his original and artistic compositions.

Few up-and-coming artists have as much of an impact on the industry as a seasoned Hip Hop artist, J.T. Silver, which has been sending ripples through the music world for decades. Still making quality music as he completes over 30 years of his fantastic musical career, the talented artist has had quite the musical trajectory.

An inspiration to budding artists, singers and songwriters, the eclectic artist was part of the formidable musical group Poison Clan before embarking on the pursuit of a successful solo career under the persona of JT Money. After showcasing his skills as an independent artist, JT Money is now looking forward to great listeners with his own independent label, under the umbrella of Undeniable Music Group.

A tribute to icons of the past, the artist’s latest release is a moving walk down memory lane and is set for release on February 1, 2022. The dynamic track was produced by a team of up-and-coming producers and writers who are recognized by group identity – “Coolazz People”. All original and steeped in all the right lyrics and emotion, the new single is the perfect homage to the old and rallying the welcome of the new guard.

Through their dynamic new lineup, JT Money gives all of their legends and inspirations their blooms in their lifetime, paying homage to their artistry and contributions to the genre. Sharing with the youngsters where many of the styles and sounds of the popular genre originated from, the skillful powerful powerhouse stokes nostalgia with these.

Manifesting itself as a feel-good track that makes everyone want to dance, the new single forms a sweet and memorable addition to the world of Hip Hop. JT Money remains confident that under the umbrella of Undeniable Music, the new single will bridge the gap between young and old – showcasing the best of musical styles and eras. JT Money plans to tour from spring to summer 2022, hoping to bring new, fresh music to their audience.

“I started my own label to keep getting music out to my fans and to help new artists get their music heard. On this single in particular, I pay homage to a lot of the legends who came before me and m ‘have inspired,” JT Money says of his mantra for the upcoming single.

Visit the JT Money website to discover/download/purchase the artist’s music, and follow JT Money on social media for updates on new releases. Contact the artist for interviews, reviews and/or collaborations via – Instagram: @JTMoneyJBaby, Facebook: @TheOnlyJTMoney, Twitter: @JTMoneyMIATL YouTube: @JTMoneyVideos


An experienced and skilled rap artist, JT Money is the founding member of Miami-based Poison Clan. Having been in the music industry since 1990, the veteran artist has been instrumental in shaping and reshaping the industry’s musical ethos, having discovered his talents both with Poison Clan and through projects. alone.

Having launched his own independent label, Undeniable Music Group, the artist continues to captivate listeners. Recipient of the 1999 Billboard Award for Rap Single of the Year with his hit “Who Dat”, JT Money is no stranger to success. Some of his most infamous hits include the singles “Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya” and “Hi Lo” to name a few.


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