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Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’Formerly, the radio was a rage. It’s not a secret that. Nowadays, FM channels are well-known and well-known. it’s due to the type of tunes they stream. Music is a healing instrument for the soul, but the music we listen to today isn’t the kind of music that will endure for a long period of duration and have positive effects on physique and the soul. The melody is not present in contemporary music.

If we’re talking about radio shows this trend was not restricted to music. There were other shows that have massive audiences that transcend the borders.
It’s a source for pride to know that radio shows created by AIRJammu in the past have had a large number of viewers in neighbouring areas within the radio frequency spectrums of Pakistan and. The lasting memory of these shows is on the minds of the actors and viewers, since a constant communication across to the border was awe inspiring to viewers with the dedication to produced the show. The actors , writers and directors were awed by the enthusiastic reaction. The most most famous actors of the past, and in great demand even in the age bracket over 93, is JagdishChander, who is well-known under J.C.Bharti. 
JCBharti, a native of Basohli was being born on the 6th November 1928 in the family of AmarDevi and Nathu Ram Abrol at the residence where his grandparents resided. Chamba situated within Himachal Pradesh.
A well-known figure in the media who has shown his talent as an actor in a variety of plays, TV shows and plays. Bharti believes that artistic talent is a natural gift. It’s impossible to become an actor, musician, writer or singer in just a few minutes without having the technical skills. When performers develop their abilities with the right understanding and education and training, the fire must be present. When the base is in place, there’s nothing to worry about. He suggests that all actor goes to the theater to learn about the basics of acting. This is the only theater which can help him become an actor of professional caliber.
JC Bharti , who was Adib in Urdu(1949) and Prabhakar in Hindi(1958)  has retired from his position as a KASOfficer within the Accounts and Treasury Organization Finance Department, J&K Govt. He began taking part as a radio host in during the time that the station was established in the RanbirHigh School. As an actor professional He has numerous radio channels to his collection that includes more than 300Dogri languages, which can be heard on Srinagar & AIR Jammu.
He is privileged of being part of some famous radio hosts such as Vishnu Bhhardwaj, Jatinder Sharma, KK Duggal SKGadru KC Manhas, Pran Kishore Bashir Bhat C. Parwana, and Shiv Mohan Sharma, Sanjeev Singh, etc.
The Dogri-Pahari dialect was introduced by the dialect in the form of DogriPlays in the 1968 with Professor Santosh Sharma. It was the first dramatic for radio, written the director Vishnu Bhardwaj, then it was used as the principal character in MURGAI was produced by Vishnu Bhardwaj and written by Professor Madan Mohan Sharma. A variety of plays are composed by C. Parwana and Vishnu Bharwdaj , and were enhanced with Dogri-Paharidialect. He was the main actor in these plays that are still debated.
JC Bharti, an active individual in his professional career . He has accomplished this with enthusiasm and commitment to his craft. He began his acting profession started at the KrishnaDramaticClub, Basohli in which he got the opportunity to play the role that was an actress a production composed by AghaHasharKashmiri. He was then an integral member of the NationalCulturalFront, MotiBazar Jammu, which was formed in 1948. He was involved in various productions like Chandershekhar Azad, Ravan, Bawa Jitto and Manzil Ki Taraf that were led by DinuBhai Pan. He then became a member of the KashmirCultural Congress in 1954 and was an integral part in a separate SAILAB production in 1954. He also toured nearly the entire region of Kashmir. KashmirValley staging the play across all cities .
In 1962 1962, which was the year C. Parwana established the JammuArtsClub in Jammu He was a key part of the club as well as being involved with a wide range of productions under his personal brand. The most famous ones include: Ashad Ka Ek Din, Jab Tak Chappel Sona, Koun Mata Koun Pita’s, Kavi Ki Shadi, undersecretary Nayee Rahein, Insaan Jeet Gaya, Paysa Bolta Hai Hamsafar, Bade Aadmi, Budhkaam Shudh etc.
He was then a part of his club, the SaraswatiDramaticClub, the PanjtirthiJammu and played the part of Dashrath, the principal protagonist of Ramayana during more than 18years. He also managed Ramleela’s productions while serving as the club’s general manager . Aged 7-8.
Alongside radio or theater dramatics JCBharti has also been involved in a variety of television productions, such as DDK Srinagar, DDK Jammu, DDK Kashir and DDK Jallandhar  As a seasoned director and actor, JC Bharti is aware of the fact that glamour can inspire people to take on a new challenge. within the area of the arts, but the principle is that there isn’t any auto-reflection. It is crucial to examine oneself and then study its potential in the field of study.
The author believes that when you’re sure that you’ll be able to establish something of interest in a medium and you are able to do that, then only dedicate your time to it. In the absence of this, there’s no reason in wasting your time. It will result in frustration , which could eventually cause sadness. If you’ve been able to do it and have the determination to win an effort, why not give it your best shot you can and be aware of the outcomes. The talent will be apparent in the near future.
For those just beginning to learn about the field of art He offers some useful ideas. He recommends not becoming discouraged over the mistakes since failure and achievement are both necessary aspects of an artist’s life. Someday you might be the most successful and when your performance isn’t there, then you might be a little off. Prepare yourself for this hard time and you’ll emerge triumphant from this crucial stage in your life. It is important to learn from athletes who rely on their good and bad experiences of their day.
In appreciation and recognition of the contribution he has made to field of arts and radio, as along with Radio KashmirJammu, Doordarshan and the J&KAcademy of Art, Culture and Languages jointly awarded the actor with an award during”Jharokha,” a special “Jharokha” program. The award was also presented through J&KAcademy of Arts, Culture and Language. J&KAcademy of Arts, Language and Culture the award was given to him by a variety of non-governmental and public organizations to acknowledge his outstanding performance as an actor any kind or form of communication.
For the final part, I’d like to mention among the benefits to JC Bharti’s personality is that that even although he is a dazzling performer with an impressive amount of years of experience and experience, he is also a student and seeks to develop his unique and innovative work for the globe whether as an actor or director or actor. He is an authentic representation of the world of art that requires humility and the desire to gain knowledge and understanding from all sources. Artists such as him have set the standard for younger generations.


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