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The pop punks of One of These Nights just want to have fun.

Sometimes bands can get carried away with the little things, so it’s important to take a step back and understand why musicians (like me) perform in the first place – for fun. And taking a step back is exactly what One of those nights made. David Gashaw and Daniel Oglesby performed together in a local indie rock band Empty Vase, but as that act wore off, they decided to go back to the genre that made them want to play music in the first place – pop punk.

“Dave and I went back to our roots for this EP. The three of us grew up loving Blink-182 and Boxcar Racer, and I think it shows in those songs, ”said Oglesby, the Nights drummer / singer. “When [he was] In writing, Dave was heavily influenced by bands like Alkaline Trio and NOFX. While writing drums and synths and producing the album, I was certainly influenced by my love for Blink, Boxcar and Angels & Airwaves.

“This project seems very different from Empty Vase in that we are here just for fun and just to prove to ourselves that we can do it. Our last project got way too serious and sort of imploded on itself. We’ve learned all the wrong things to do through this project, so we feel good about it and can’t wait to play shows and support the local music scene, ”he says.

One of those nights started exactly where you’d expect a pop punk band to start: a mortuary. “Dave met [bassist/vocalist Dominic Gonzalez]while working together in a morgue – Dave is a mortuary apprentice and Dominic is a funeral director – and found out he played bass and liked the same kind of music, so he asked him to join to our practices. Dominic was a great addition as he added another layer to the instruments and vocals with his ideas for the songs, ”says Oglesby.

Although punk rock was very different from the sound of their previous band, it was still on their minds. “Playing together in Empty Vase, Dave and I always flirted with the idea of ​​forming a punk band. Until a little over a year ago, we just never were able to consolidate details, “Oglesby explains.” Dave sent me acoustic versions of some song ideas he was working on, and I saw that as a great excuse to get away from the guitar and finally play the drums in a project After spending some time writing, he and I would meet every week to practice, and these songs slowly started to come together.

The entire group has recorded their eponymous EP and will be releasing it with a clip on all streaming services and YouTube on November 23. The album was recorded and mixed by Oglesby and mastered by Chris Penrod.

While the impacts of the last the circumstances of the year in our daily life can bring us down, sometimes music can lift us up unexpectedly. This is what happens with the Seattle / Chicago hip-hop duo Dark weather sunthe new album of, Traditions. Dark Time Sunshine consists of MC Onry Ozzborn rapping only to the delicious beats of the Chicago producer Zavala. they came out Traditions in February, their first decline in nine years.

The album takes you on a journey of struggles and hardships, but in an upbeat and beautiful way, while also evoking parenthood and more. “Pretty much when the world stopped, Zavala started sending me beats out of nowhere,” says Onry. “I was going through a very difficult time in my life now and over the past few years, and felt like it was the worst time for me to write music because I thought it was all going to come out. negative, sad and gloomy.

“I decided to give it a try, to see, and I wrote ‘Ritalin’. I was happy with how it turned out and continued from there.

What came out of it was an incredible album. Although Zavala is no longer on tour (just does wonders at home), Onry will be joined by DJ. Torbjørn on his current national tour with New York MC To improve. This tour will arrive in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 20 at Triple nickel with local hip-hop heroes Bullhead * ded and Def One.

A few weeks ago, The black sheep had to cancel an anniversary show, but… two-thirds of that lineup will be at The Sheep on Friday, November 19 – heavy mud from To worry, the crushing rock sound of Denver Lost Relics, the looping follies of Saustro and the start of a new hardcore outfit runoff.



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