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The exit of Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers carried on the legacy of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” with an all-new storyline distinct from the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Given its ambitious set of heroes and the ever-expanding online co-op mode, the game is adorned with a wide variety of Easter Eggs to grab the attention of avid gamers.

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There are some interesting behind-the-scenes details about the cast and crew that only a few fans can know about. With such details, Marvel’s Avengers makes for an interesting case study in the game of the 2020s.


Marvel’s Avengers spawned related comics and novels

Split images of Thor and Captain America comic book covers from Avengers Road to A-Day

Even if the game’s plot is not directly inspired by any of the Avengers comic book problems, Marvel’s Avengers included five comics as promotional links. Each of the five books focuses on one of the Avengers, documenting the events of their lives just before A-Day. Therefore, the comic book collection has also been dubbed Marvel’s Avengers: One Day Road.

The game also received a new prequel that builds on the events of A-Day in the game. Written by Star wars and Old scrolls Author Gregory Keyes, the novel deals with the Avengers battling the ancient organization known as the Zodiac and introduces Doctor Strange from the game universe.

Black Widow and Thor comedians are married in real life

Black Widow and Thor split images in Marvel's Avengers

Black Widow voice actress Laura Bailey and Thor voice actor Travis Willingham both have significant experience not only in the voiceover industry, but with several Marvel productions as well. The first has been the voice of Black Widow on modern animated superhero shows like The Avengers Assemble, The Ultimate Spider-Man, and Lego Marvel Superhero. During this time, Willingham played Thor in all of the aforementioned shows with Phineas & Ferb, and Fortnite.

The two actors have also been married since 2011. According to an interview for Critical role: between the sheets, the couple dated briefly when they were in college, then crossed paths again later in life.

A character from the Marvels miniseries appears

There are several allusions to the Daily Bugle in the game with the newspaper emerging as a TV channel in its own right. While these references are easy to spot, more attentive observers would note the presence of Phil Sheldon as a reporter.

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Sheldon may not have joined the ranks of the most popular Marvel characters, but he is the protagonist of one of the most iconic comic book series. Alan Ross and Kurt Busiek wonders take a more humanistic approach to his heroes as Sheldon observes their actions and consequences. This layman’s take on the heroes used by comics has received critical acclaim.

Guinness world record holder voiced Ulysses Klaue

Ulysses Klaue carrying a plasma weapon and stretching an arm outward

The game’s star voice cast also includes Steve Blum, a noted voice actor who held the 2012 Guinness World Record for most video game dubbing credits (per Anime news network).

More popular than Sub-Zero in the Mortal combat series and Wolverine in several Marvel productions, Blum has an antagonistic role as Ulysses Klaue, the arms dealer hired by AIM to steal vibranium in the DLC story expansion War for Wakanda.

Black Sabbath song debuts in Marvel sophomore

marvel's avengers game iron man beating

The game doesn’t shy away from revealing Tony Stark’s immense love for old-school rock and metal music. Since Black Sabbath has a classic song called “Iron Man,” the group and character must come together. During several Tony scenes, Crowd rules by the group at the head of Ozzy Osbourne begins to play.

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In fact, this isn’t the first time the song has been part of Marvel property. In 1994, the song crept into a game called Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage. It should be noted, however, that the game version was a 16-bit render.

The music composer also scored Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Split images of Bobby Tahouri and the cover of Rise of the Tomb Raider

The catchy, orchestral score of the game was the work of Bobby Tahouri whose most famous musical credit before Marvel’s Avengers would be on Rise of the Tomb Raider, one of the recent Grave robber Games.

Tahouri has also composed various feature films and short films, as well as the video game Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark which marked his video game debut. With his latest compositions in Marvel’s Avengers, Tahouri seems to be a reliable name in video game music.

Black Widow’s hacker name is linked to something from her childhood

Black Widow chats with Kamala Khan at Marvel's Avengers Inhuman prison

Much like game protagonist Kamala Khan, Black Widow uses her hacking skills to reveal AIM’s secrets. For this mission, his chosen hacker name is Tiny Dancer. The name appears to be a reference to Elton John’s song, but fans would notice a deeper connection in the character’s case, as Black Widow was a trained ballerina as a child. One of the small details of Marvel’s Avengers is the presence of a ballerina’s music box in her bedroom, referring more to her past.

In fact, Elton John himself was part of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, having served as an agent of SHIELD (much Black Widow) in International Iron Man # 6.

Marvel’s Avengers XP boost created some controversy

The XP Boost feature allows players to level up faster while gaining additional experience points in a short time. In September 2021, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics announced that XP Boost could be unlocked through real transactions. This sparked a lot of outrage among fans and critics alike who felt the move went against the company’s claim that the game would only have transactions for cosmetic and personalization items.

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According to a report by JeuxIndustrie.biz, Crystal Dynamics had announced earlier that “premium content would stick to” aesthetic additions only. ” In November, Crystal heard requests from fans and ditched the feature altogether.

Square Enix president called Marvel’s Avengers a disappointment

Wakandan Marvels Avengers Stealth Outfit

Despite a lot of waiting, Marvel’s Avengers Underperformed in terms of sales and joined the biggest flops of 10 top video game developers. As reported by Games pot, Square Enix reported a loss of $ 63 million despite strong sales in the first week.

Those who follow the buzz behind the scenes of the game will also know that Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda himself made his disappointment visible. As stated by JeuxIndustrie.biz, Matsuda also added in Square Enix’s annual report that the game was a disappointment for the company.

The Uncharted actor and writer was involved in Marvel’s Avengers

Nathan Drake Uncharted 3

Tony Stark is one of the main protagonists of the game and is voiced by famous comedian Troy Baker. Besides other video games and animated shows, Baker is best known as the voice behind Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Unexplored video game franchise.

But he is not the only one Unexplored former student to be part of Marvel’s Avengers. The superhero game also starred Shaun Escayg as the director and screenwriter. For the 2017 Unexplored Entrance The lost leg, Escayg was also a screenwriter and creative director. With such connections, fans can only speculate on one Unexplored Easter egg or two in the game.

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