The degree of satisfaction of Italians for credit brokers


What is the degree of satisfaction of Italians towards credit brokers who operate along the peninsula acting as a link between the credit institution and consumers? To make it known was a survey conducted in collaboration between Viloan, a well-known association for consumer protection, and Astro Finance, one of the largest credit brokerage companies in our country.

Financing that best suits your needs

Financing that best suits your needs

The final result saw a fairly positive result emerge for a professional figure that is absolutely essential in the negotiation phase for the granting of loans, as it is activated with all its professionalism to put the consumer in the condition to be able to evaluate in the best possible way the financing that best suits your needs.

This is an extremely interesting study, the first of this kind, which should mark the beginning of a lasting collaboration between the proponents, in order to put in place a path that can increase the level of satisfaction from consumers and from protect them in a complete manner in the phase preceding the disbursement of credit by the bank or credit institution.

The final judgment that emerged from the report sees the figure of the credit broker as rewarded, seen as a subject that actively activates itself to be able to meet the real needs of families and businesses, finally managing to direct them towards mortgages and personal loans at advantageous rates. Quite surprising is the data concerning word of mouth, which turned out to be the instrument through which the vast majority of respondents decided to contact the promoter.

Credit broker

Credit broker

As many as 80% decided to rely on a particular credit broker precisely because they were pushed to do so by an acquaintance who had evidently enjoyed their professionalism during a previous negotiation. Conversely, it is also surprising the percentage of those who declare that they have decided to do so after seeing a commercial, with just 3% of those interviewed ready to declare that they have opted for this solution after viewing an advertisement. It is usually however the agencies that put promoter and client in contact, 54.7%, against 39.3% who make use of the opinion of a common friend instead.

Among the most appreciated services offered by the financial consultant, the quality of the information received is particularly evident, judged to be very comprehensive by a large number of interviewees. A judgment, that of satisfaction with the promoter, which is also used by the banking institutions, which succeed in increasing the degree of customer satisfaction thanks to the work put in place by the credit broker.

Given the difficult relationship between the Italians and the credit system as a whole, the figure of the promoter therefore seems to come out very well from the survey conducted by Viloan and Astro Finance, confirming the fact that professionalism is always paying in relations with consumers.

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