Loans for poor families in Calabria

The Calabria region, like the other regions of the national territory, is affected by the difficulty of accessing credit which many companies and individual citizens are encountering. For this reason the regional authority has decided to allocate a fund to provide loans to families in difficulty, with subsidized rates and long deadlines for return. See

The project is characterized by social aims: the objective is in fact to support disadvantaged people in the purchase of primary goods and necessary expenses, such as those related to education, health and the payment of mortgages and rents. Unlike traditional loans, however, no special guarantees will be required, as is the case with microcredit loans and the funds will therefore also be accessible to those who do not have a fixed salary (as in the case of temporary workers) and those who have been subjected to of reports to the CRIF (the credit risk bank, also known as the registry of the “bad payers”).

Now let’s see in detail the characteristics of the loan.

Now let

The Calabria Region, in collaboration with the European Social Fund, has decided to allocate a total of twenty million USD for this project, most likely destined to be increased upon exhaustion (a deadline for the submission of requests to date is therefore not foreseen).

Each applicant may request the maximum amount of ten thousand USD which will be returned at more affordable rates than what is offered by the market at this time.

The requirements for access

The requirements for access

All adults, European or non-EU citizens, with residence for at least three years in Calabria at the time of the request can access the funds. For non-EU citizens, a residence card or a residence permit with expiry date after the end of the loan is required, in addition to a job (dependent or independent).

It is necessary to have a gross family income that respects the parameters shown in the table below (according to what can be demonstrated by the last tax return)

composition of the family unit

(number of people)

total income less than USD

1 17,500
2 22,500
3 25,000
4 27,500
5 30,000
6 (and above) 32,500

The applicant must also demonstrate that he can meet the repayment of the loan through work (even if not yet in progress) or through other certifiable income. The loan is incompatible with other similar loans and with situations of absolute inability to repay.

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses

Housing costs, including renovations, the search for a new home following an eviction, payment of arrears rents and the costs for connection of utilities but also expenses for the services are considered eligible for loan purposes. appliances considered essential, such as refrigerators or washing machines.

The funds can also be used for the expenses related to particular events such as the birth or adoption of a child, the illness or death of a family member, for the medical expenses of the members of the family nucleus and to pay off the debts incurred with banks or financial institutions to support the admitted expenses.

Expenses related to education and training for job reintegration are also accepted, including any loans signed for the same purposes.

The methods of presentation of the application and the necessary documents

The methods of presentation of the application and the necessary documents

The application must be sent by registered mail with the forms provided by the notice (you can find them at this address, together with the updated text of the announcement). The following documents must also be attached:

  • identity card of the applicant
  • tax code of the applicant and of all the members of the household
  • residence permit for non-EU citizens
  • documentation of expenses incurred or to be incurred (eg invoices, estimates or financing in progress)
  • tax returns (Unico, 730 or CUD)
  • a declaration attesting to the composition of the family unit, residence in Calabria and the absence of other similar loans (but refer to the complete document for details and the text of the request).

The loan is repaid in a maximum time of 60 months (five years) through constant monthly installments, with an interest rate of 1%.

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